IUI and Fertility Chat World

Okay, okay. So, it turns out that artificial insemination (or intra-uterine insemination – IUI) is actually a walk in the park. It’s not the cervical horror I had it pinned as.
What was quite horrifying, however, was having my cervix “dilated” in order to do the IUI. I still feel bruised. The actual insemination was quick and painless. I could do ten. (Hopefully there won’t be a need!) If thats what dilation feels like – bring on the epidural man! (I only dilated a couple of mills, when in labour a woman dilates to 10cm – O.M.G!)
Hubby came with for moral support, and it was really nice to have him there. I think it made him a part of the process as well. Now all that’s left to do is wait.

On a slightly different but totally relevant topic, yesterday I went exploring the world wide web, and stumbled across a whole other planet. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true! It is called Infertility Chat Rooms. The inhabitants were warm and friendly. They had cute, witty names, and spoke an entirely foreign language there. I came across Mrs Redcap, Alir, Bratt, Grumps, and Angie x, to name a few. They spoke about things like TTC (trying to conceive) and 2ww (2 week wait) and DH (dear husband). One inhabitant spoke purely in abbreviations! It went something like this: “I am doing IV with ICSI, getting AF cramps in my 2ww, hope it’s not a BFN – brb – the DH just walked in!” Yes, I know – it’s greek to me too!
Although I was a tourist there, they made me feel very welcome, and I made a distinct connection with them. The most amazing thing for me is just how many women are going through the same thing. It’s really wierd, because infertility can leave you feeling very isolated, but in those virtual rooms people in the same boat are sharing their stories and offering support. Speaking to them feels like a warm, reassuring hug.
As they say in the movies: “We are not alone. There is life out there on other planets.” Well, Planet Infertility is alive and thriving.