Veeeta Lab…

…is fantastic! Okay, not to overreact. It is a really nice clinic though. Very neat and posh – very well organised. The only crazy thing about it is the big gaping hole in the ground behind it – doesn’t anyone else find that mildly disturbing? What really impressed me is that there was a female assistant with us the whole time I was being scanned. I really like that idea. The nurses are really helpful and lovely as well. All the staff were very helpful and friendly, and my new doc, let’s call him Gray’s Anatomy – GA for short – is fab (he had a book in his office called Gray’s Anatomy – the namesake of one of my favourite TV shows – incidentally spelt “Greys” not “Grays”). He went through my impressive history, and told the Hoff that his sperm samples were Ay One. He scored major brownie points for that – the Hoff seemed to like him all the more! Oh and by the way, it’s not Vitalab as in Vaaitalab, it’s Vitalab as in Veeeetalab. So there. Click on the links to check out my fancy schmancy new clinic.

The Hoff lay it squarely on the table when he piped up and said, “Listen here, we are sick of stuffing around. Don’t do the tests and then tell us to give it six months. We came here to do IVF, and that’s what we’re doing!”
The ultra cool Dr. GA replied, without skipping a beat, “Hoff, I understand how you feel, but we must till the soil before we can plant the mealies!” (mealies is the South African term for maize or corn). My doc missed his calling as a farmer!

In other news, it seems that my previous RE (not my lovely BFG) forgot to inform me that he removed a fibroid from my ute when he did my last lap. This means that I may have a scar, which could cause a miscarriage in the highly unlikely event that I fall PG. Thanks Doc.

So this is the plan of action:

Bloods CD 2 & 3 to measure FSH, among other things. Also testing for a newly discovered hormone call AMH (antimullerian hormone) – tests the age and quality of the eggs! Amazing!
Soon after that: Histerosalpingogram, or, ute nuke, for short (okay okay it’s an x-ray of the uterus)!

If I get the all clear, I start IVF next cycle. If not, lap 3 and start IVF cycle after that. Not too bad. I can live with that. Fingers crossed, everyone!

Oh and lastly but certainly not least, I would like to shout out to Bumble, who left a sneaky comment on my last post. He-e-e-ey! She is 10 weeks 2 days, and going for a scan today to check up on the baby, so fingers crossed for her too. Great to hear from you again – you have been missed!

**Just a little something I left out: I seem to have a bleeding cyst on my left ovary (the dodgy one) and also very thin lining, which could point to that fibroid scar tissue I mentioned earlier on in this post. Anyone have experience with either of these maladies?

**Also, what on earth is going on? There are a gazillion BFP’s going on at the moment! If I haven’t already congratulated on your own blogs, then CONGRATULATIONS! Here’s to 9 months of smooth sailing with many sleepless nights thereafter! 🙂


Dedicated to my BF

My BF has gone into hospital today to get her fibroid cut out. Apparently it’s about 3cm in diameter, and sits in the uterus, fused to the uterine wall. It’s a day procedure, general anaesthetic, and she should be up and running by tomorrow. So this post is dedicated to her. She already has one baby, a feisty little redhead, about two and a half.
She has been trying to have another baby since he popped out 2.5 years ago, with no success to speak of.
She has had fibroids removed before, and for that they did a caeser cut. Luckily today’s procedure will be done similar to the way a D&C is performed.
Nobody knows what causes fibroids, according to her doc it’s luck of the draw. If you get them once, you’ll get them again. They are benign, but I believe they can get quite big. The only problem with fibroids is that they will prevent conception, or if by some miracle you fall pregnant anyway, there is a much higher chance of miscarriage. So it’s no tea party, by all accounts.
As for me, I’m just hanging in there – off work tomorrow because my parents are coming up from Cape Town. I am really looking forward to spending time with them. It will be the second time they have stayed with us for any length pf time. I am taking Monday off as well, so you probably won’t be hearing from me until Tuesday, by which time I should be almost ready to have my blood test.