A Long Overdue Post. (And some stuff about IVIg and FET)

Welcome to your life,

There’s no turning back

Even while we sleep

We will find you acting on your best behaviour

Turn your back on mother nature

Everybody wants to rule the world

There’s the room where the light won’t find you

Holding hands while the walls start tumbling down

When they do I’ll be right behind you

Everybody wants to rule the world

Not sure why but that song just came to mind.  I thought I would put it down for your reading pleasure.  Anyone remember this one?  (you’ll show your age!)  Anyone know the artist?  (You’ll really show your age!)

My FET cycle got off to a not-so-good start.  My uterine lining on day 14 was what it should have been on day 9.  All in all a long winded cycle that looked like it would dwindle into insignificance.  I was becoming annoyed and feeling highly justified in my decision to cease treatments after this FET.  On Saturday, however, I decided that an attitude adjustment was in order.  As I set out to the clinic in the cool morning, I said the following things to myself out loud in my car:

“I am a healthy fertile woman”

“There is nothing wrong with my body”

“I am perfectly capable of pregnancy and birth”

“My uterus is healthy and sparkly and ripe with thick luscious fertile lining”

“My embryos are healthy and will thaw with no problems at all”

I got to the clinic, and my lining had thickened by 3mm (overnight) and my dominant follicle was 18mm.  My E2 had gone up as needed.  Coincidence?

I was given the green light by my doc for the IVIg, which I went in for today, and it was really not that bad.  The drip stung a little and burned the whole time it was in, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  The nurses were great and very attentive, checking my BP and heart rate every 15 minutes to half an hour.  I was done by 2:30, which is a pretty long day.

Tomorrow they are thawing my precious babies and I will have an update on Wednesday.  I am so excited – I can hardly wait.  Please send lots of healthy thawing thoughts their way and some of that mother love that we all possess and would love to unleash on our own beautiful offspring.  (For now just channel it to my embie-babies pleeeeez)  Many thanks 🙂  They are in a frosty slumber in the lab in Rivonia, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Africa, Earth – for all the aliens out there sending good vibes 😉

Much love to all of you out there in the blogosphere no matter where you are in your journey I wish you well and pray for a happy outcome for you.