The Details

See?  This is why I love you guys!  I don’t show for a month (nearly) and you still stop by to say “hi”.  You’re lucky I’m on stims now, or there’d be a whole lot of mascara everywhere!  :0)

 So, where do I begin.  There is so much to say and my mind is so blank.  Well, firstly, let me start by saying that Lucrin (Lupron) seems to get WORSE with each passing cycle (even though this is only round 2!).  My moods were decidedly low, and yes, a little psychotic in places…  I cried about 3 times (in one week) – once in the toilets at work!  I hated my job and wanted to leave the country… And then I started stims…  and life was worth living again.  Just about.  The other thing is that the Hoff went away for 2 days on a team build, and I had to mix my own drugs!  By the end of the first one, I was nauseous and sweating, and by the second I was shooting ’em up like I’d been doing it all my life. (Right!)  I am going in for a scan on Monday to check out the follies, and then we’ll see from there.  I am feeling very positive (now that the Lucrin has been silenced somewhat).  Watch this space…

In other big news, we are finally living in darkest Africa.  Literally.  Our government has overlooked the fact that our really fast growing economy may need some additional infrastructure, including more electricity.  So now we are “over-using” by 2500MW per day, and they have to cut down by doing what they call “load-shedding”  Every day, at a(roughly) scheduled time, our lights go off.  For about 3-4 hours.  First at work, then at home.  No lights, TV, food, NOTHING.  Just oursleves and the dark.  What this means is that I lose about 3 – 4 hours of productive work time every day, and then go home and sit in the dark, losing about 2-3 hours of prime TV / blogging time!  Traffic time has doubled because none of the traffic lights work in the affected areas. (Johannesburg’s traffic has been likened to that of New York or London on a good day when the lights are working!) It is heinous, people, and there is sweet nothing to be done about it.  I was thinking,

“How the hell are we meant to have kids in these conditions?”

and, “What do other people with kids do?”

“How can you keep kids entertained, fed, warm, safe, etc. in the DARK?”

More importantly, “Will my embryo’s be safe in the lab when the darkness descends? Can I sue if they are not?”

(Sidenote: Suing hasn’t really caught on in this country, but I think that may be about to change, along with our National Anthem, which will now start, “Hello darkness my old friend”!)

So the Hoff and I went out and bought a petrol generator.  This thing is loud enough to wake the dead, and only has enough juice to keep the telly, a light or two, and the kettle going.  Nevertheless… it is a (very loud) means to an end.

And that is my bizarre, but very true story. 


9 thoughts on “The Details

  1. Sara says:

    I’m glad that the stims have you feeling better. Good luck with your scan!

    Sorry about the blackouts. How frustrating!

  2. fromheretomaternity says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. Sorry about the blackouts and the traffic, I just about have a breakdown in bad traffic, it’s my pet peeve. I’ve stated stimming as well thankfully because I almost too someones head off last week. Good luck!.

  3. Farah says:

    WOW- all this and Stims – GOod for you for being mostly sane!

  4. Bea says:

    This brings back memories of my childhood – Qld in the Joe era. Rolling blackouts. My parents always had candles at the ready, and a little portable gas-ring so they could cook something for dinner. We used to sit around and play car games in the dark, shower by candlelight or bathe with water boiled on the gas-ring stove. I really looked forward to those nights when the power would go out, and was very disappointed when it all got resolved.


  5. Leigh says:

    Hey Mands, Jhb sounds like a barrel of fun at at the moment. I’m coming to vist in 2 months and will be packing candles, generators and other such essentials. Not sure if you heard from Jan but I miscarried at 11 weeks so we’re back to the drawing board.
    Good luck for your scan!

  6. Samantha says:

    Hopefully your lab has a backup generator too! Good luck with the cycle.

  7. dchivf says:

    Ok, that is the most bizzare thing ever. The generator sounds like a good idea, I don’t think I could go 4 hours without technology!

    Thanks for the update.

  8. Katie says:

    Wow, that lack of power thing would really bother me after awhile – I am addicted to my television, computer, and food – not necessarily in that order.

    Glad to hear from you! Sorry the Lupron is giving you fits, but at least that part passes (somewhat) quickly and then you get to the “good” stuff.

  9. Tam says:

    Hey you,

    So glad that things are looking up, thankfully we haven’t been too affected by the “load shedding” thing, it goes off everyday but luckily were at work and by the time we get home it’s on again! Thinking about moving countries too!

    Good luck with your retrieval tomorrow sweetie, I’m hoping and praying for some nice eggies!!

    All my Love and Hugs

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