Blog You VERY Much!The story of how The Secret Garden came to be…

…Lets see… Once upon a time (at the end of last year) I had been TTC for close on 6 years with no success.  It had come to a point where I felt that nothing was working, and that we would never have children.  I was two lapiroscopies down, and for the first time, I was feeling really depressed about it.  I always just thought that it would eventually happpen, and it just wasn’t. 

So anyway, I was curled up in front of the telly one Sunday evening, and who should feature on a local program (Carte Blanche)?  Our very own Tertia Albertyn.  She jokingly spoke about how her and Marko thought that all you had to do to fall pregnant was to have lots of sex, and that they didn’t take it very seriously in the beginning.  The story went on, and by the time she had reached the part about her baby that died after 10 days, and her 9th IVF attempt, I was a crying, panicking mess of a girl. 

I went onto the internet and feverishly searched for the web page that she had spoken about… “So Close”.  I read until my eyes felt like they would pop out of my head.  I googled myself into a state.  It was then that I said to my husband that we need to do something drastic.  If we were going to need 9 IVF’s, we should probably get started! So in January of this year I geared up for my first IUI (the doc reassured me that IVF was a bit drastic – hahaha – WHATEVER).  IUI for your average fertile (I thought I was!) is a pretty scary affair. I felt so alone, and no-one seemed to really understand what I was going through.  I was finding it increasingly difficult to face family and friends.  That is when I decided to start my own blog. 

I posted once or twice, and it was so exciting to see my own words and thoughts published on the internet!  The real surprise, however, was my first comment(s).  I nearly fell off my chair when they came through!  I couldn’t believe that other people were inetersted in what I had to say!  The kindest, gentlest ladies, Bea and Baby Blues (I will be mom) were my first commentors, and they always have a very special place in my heart.  They introduced me to a whole new world of support without which I would be lost.  This post serves as a tribute to Tertia, the “mother” of my blog. Also to Bea, and Baby Blues for all your unfaltering love and support from the beginning – all I can say is “Blog you VERY much”!

On a different note, the good news is that previously-mentioned-family-member saw a heartbeat (155bpm) and all is well.  I am so relieved.  She is 6.5 weeks. According to her doc ,she O’d late and that is why she thought she was 9 weeks along. 

In not so good news, Debs’ beta was a BFN.  I am so sorry my friend.  Debs is taking it in her stride though, and they will be doing a FET in the not-too-distant future.  They have 5 good embies on ice, so plenty of hope still abounds.

Aunt Flo is loitering around but is not making a full appearance.  Hopefully she shows up soon in all her glory so that I can go for my CD2.  I wonder if they do CD2 scans on Sundays…..?  Any idea Tam?


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  1. fromheretomaternity says:

    My doc thought I was 3 IUI girl, silly man. I could just give you a great big hug, you’re such an awesome lady.

  2. Sarah says:

    it was tertia for me too. tertia and julie (a little pregnant). and i think going into it assuming i might need 6+ attempts really made it all manageable. you know, that whole “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” mentality.

  3. Bea says:

    Aw… thanks for the mention. And I’m so glad you were spurred into action by that show. You certainly gave it a good enough try on your own, and it was starting to get you down – so one way or another, you had to take charge (even if, for some people, that means grieving and moving on, rather than starting fertility treatments). Good luck for CD2.


  4. Tam says:

    Hey Chick,

    Wow…I missed two posts from you, not very nice not to post and then post two out of the blue!!!

    Just wanted to say thanks for Saturday, it was great seeing you and debs and chatting. We really should do it more often :o)

    Also wanted to say that I am soooo excited about your next IVF sweetie, I’m already praying for you!!

    Lots of love and hugs xxx

  5. Debbie says:

    Hey Girly, I’m waiting for CD1 to call the new RE and start treatment, I think the first steps are BCP and Lupron if I’m not mistaken. I’ll keep you updated and you do the same.

    Hang in there sista.

  6. Anla says:

    Thanks for starting you blog, thanks for being a member of the Braces Bunch. I enjoy reading your post. You truly are a great bloggy friend. Wishing you all the best.

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