On the road again…

It was a busy weekend… Friday we moved offices, and went out for Debs’ birthday. We only got to bed at two am. Then on Saturday afternoon we went to a wedding and also had a really late night. After recovering from Friday and Saturday, I had to do some grocery shopping on Sunday, which I why I am only telling you about my surprise visit to Veeeeeetalab on Friday morning tonight…

It’s not as dramatic as it sounds. Aunt Flo popped in for a surprise visit on Thursday, and I panicked! I know that most of you start BCP’s (Birth Control for all the non-IF’ers) on around day 3, and my follow up appointment was set for around day 8! So I sent my doc a frantic e-mail, whining that I didn’t want to miss a cycle. He phoned me later that evening and said I should come in for a day 2 scan.

So I did. Then I went for bloods. FSH and Prolactin were both high. I was told to start the pill immediately and was given something for the Prolactin which makes me soooooooo nauseas! I still have my follow-up on Thursday, but this is it people – the road to IVF. I was sitting in the nurses office and my first thought was “this is quite exciting!” My very next thought was “Oh s#!t!! This is terrifying!” And then I couldn’t breathe! I was gasping like a guppy when the nurse came in. She was very thorough explaining everything, which calmed my nerves (a little).


I just read a post by the infamous Oneliner about being so wrapped up in the whole infertility thing that we lose sight of everything else. This has really helped me to feel a bit more calm about my impending cycle. I am so grateful to be starting IVF, it is an opportunity to realise my longing. Yes, it is scary, but not as scary as being unable to try.

I just want to also wish Leah and Erin lots and lots of luck with their retrievals, and everyone else in or about to enter the 2ww. Good luck girls, may you all be blessed this cycle. Let 2007 be our year.

PS My spell checker has bit the dust – so please forgive any faux pas!

PPS Like when I said good luck for Leah and Erin’s retrieval when I meant TRANSFER! My humblest apologies!


9 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. Fertilize Me says:

    how exciting (and terrifying) for you. Wishing you the smootiest postive cycle.

  2. Erin says:

    So exciting that you’re getting started! Bummer that the prolactin meds are making you sick, though.

    Thanks so much for for your good wishes!!

  3. Samantha says:

    Exciting to be starting the IVF cycle! It’s a good thing you got your partying done this weekend 🙂

  4. Cibele says:

    Just wnat to wish you luck with your ivf cycle. I have my fingers crossed

  5. Bea says:

    You’ll be through it before you know it! Hopefully on to bigger and better things. Be hoping for you!


  6. Tam says:

    I am so happy that you are finally on your way to IVF (well not happy that you have to do IVF but that you are finally getting started)

    Wow, I can’t believe it actually. It is scary but just take it one day at a time sweetie, you’ll get through this, you are a fighter!!

    Hope to see you soon xxx

  7. Baby Blues says:

    “Being so wrapped up in the whole infertility thing that we lose sight of everything else.” I feel that way right now. And that’s why I think taking a break would be good for us. Although I know when I feel much better, I would love to get back in the saddle and start again. Aren’t we all just “addicted to hope”?

  8. Chanti says:

    I haven’t been reading for a couple of days and then this post. WOW. Well the best of luck with your upcoming cycle. Remeber your positive reinforcement thing. Give the universe enough positive baby talk for this IVF cycle and it can’t fail (my plan of action anyhoo). I totally get excited/scared witless feeling. Still there and am almost through the pre-program. Holding thumbs for you

  9. Mary Ellen and Steve says:

    How exciting that you are starting your IVF cycle. I hope that this is the ticket!

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