She ain’t heavy…

Okay so I actually went to Vit.alab today to check it out – I am funny like that. I have to give the place the all clear, before I will let them do anything between my legs – if you know what I mean! It is located just off a really busy intersection in Sandton, with a very obscure entrance and some interesting parking. I will try to get a pic the next time I go (Independence Day) so that you can see exactly what I mean! The actual place looks really posh, and the staff were helpful and friendly, so I have given it my stamp of approval.

I am gathering the last of my files and stuff this week in anticipation for my BIG appointment next week. I am so excited about it! I haven’t been nun-ish in my preparation, since that kind of approach has gotten me sweet nowhere in the past, so I have decided on a more relaxed angle. A bit of sherry here, a bit of wine there, not much exercise, and headache tablets when I need them. And a spot of acupuncture on the side 🙂 (Going again today, yeehaaa! I heart Dr. Debbie!)

In other news, the house is coming along, we are still painting and should finish in the next two weeks or so. We have also signed with the bond attorneys and the transferring attorneys, so everything is well and truly underway now. We went to Clarens on the weekend with the fam, and I bought the most beautiful hooks to hang in my entrance hall for coats, scarves, bags etc. Yes, my itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny housey has an entrance hall! Amazing! Okay, it’s a really cosy entrance hall. The estate agents had a show day for the place we are renting at the moment, and they have asked 1.6 million smackers for it! Yikes! No wonder our new place seems so small! It is worth just over half of that crazy amount!

In other, other news, the job is going really well. I have adjusted quickly to working for a boss, and I am really enjoying the work. It is very creative and satisfying. Loving it, actually.

On a sadder note, please pop over to Tam‘s page and offer her some support. She got a BFN last Thursday on her first IVF. It is so heartbreaking, and I am sure she will appreciate any words of wisdom or encouragement, especially from those of you who have also suffered failed IVF cycles, and can really relate to what she is dealing with right now. Just remember that we don’t always have to be strong, and it is perfectly okay to be sad, and to look to others for support when you are having trouble holding yourself up. Lots of love to you Tam, I hope you see some blue sky soon. Your friend, Mands xx

10 thoughts on “She ain’t heavy…

  1. Aunt Sassy says:

    Glad to hear you are happy with V.italab. oooo, and will be waiting to hear how the appt goes next wk!

  2. Sarah says:

    sounds like lots of good progress on all fronts. congrats!

  3. Tam says:

    Thanks for the shout out Mands, you are a sweetie. Glad that things are coming along nicely with the house 🙂 We must get together soon, when I’m not so depressing tho. Looking forward to hearing about your appt next week. Enjoy Dr J!!

  4. Bea says:

    Sounds like everything’s coming together. Can’t wait to hear about the appointment next week.


  5. Mary Ellen and Steve says:

    Sounds great Mands! I am excited to hear about your appt. next week!

  6. Sticky Bun says:

    Hard to believe how close it’s getting! Can’t wait to hear how the appt goes!

  7. Samantha says:

    Good luck next week!

  8. KarenO says:

    Glad to hear everything is going as planned with the new lab. Hope your visit to Clarens was perfect! Next time you should go here: – I know the owners, been there lots of times, and it’s the most beautiful, serene place I know of! Your new house sounds like it’s becoming a wonderful home. Did you have any snow yesterday?

  9. Baby Blues says:

    I’m excited for you too Mands. Good luck! I’ll be right here checking on you and praying everything goes well.

  10. Baby Blues says:

    Love the new look Mands! And thanks for the invite to facebook.

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