Dr. Debbie, and the Tale of the Grassy Field

So I am about half way through the Vita.lab forms. You have no idea how intense they are!

I have managed to get all my test results from my B.F.G, bless him and his big cock-eyed grin. Now I just need to get my file from Med.fem, and then I will be ready as rain for my IVF consult.

In more IF news: I went to see an acupuncturist last night, and I LOVED it. She (Dr. Debbie) was a soft spoken, slightly built woman with kind eyes. She listened carefully as I recounted the loooooooooooooong long story of my IF journey. She asked all the right questions, and then said those magical words… “Right, lets get working on you!”

It was warm in the room as I lay on the pale blue bed, and I could hear the soft trickle of water from somewhere outside. The air was punctuated with the soft whirring of the air conditioner pump. Dr Debbie then set about testing my meridian pulses, and remarked on my heart and spleen meridians. (Supposedly these are energy flows that run through your body.) Then she gathered up some needles and proceeded with placing them in various parts of my skin. Some tingled, some felt like a light touch, but none were painful or unpleasant. She then said that I should think of my favourite colour, and then breathe it in and out. Then she left the room. She came back after a while, wiggled a few of the needles, and swooshed out again. Click. I closed my eyes, and soon I was lying in a field full of long yellow grass, swaying on the warm breeze. I was looking up at my favourite colour, the endless blue sky…. breathing in swirling clouds of blue and blowing them out like smoke rings… A soft knock on the door, and Dr. Debbie appeared.

As I drove home later that evening, I floated on a cloud, feeling relaxed and peaceful. Yes, acupuncture is all that and a bag of chips!


17 thoughts on “Dr. Debbie, and the Tale of the Grassy Field

  1. Sarah says:

    how wonderful, yay! i hope that feeling stays with you for a good long while…

  2. Leah says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the acupuncture, I love it. It’s counterintuitive to think that letting someone stick a bunch of needles into you would somehow be relaxing, but it works. Go figure.

    I love the picture of the yellow flowers and blue sky — so beautiful! That just might be my new Happy Place.

  3. ultimatejourney says:

    I definitely need to try acupuncture! I’m glad it was such a wonderful experience for you.

  4. Shelby says:

    I’m glad you liked the acupuncture! I was so surprised at how fantastic I felt after my first treatment- and it only gets better!

  5. Mary Ellen and Steve says:

    I am so glad that you loved acupuncture!

  6. Reproductive Jeans says:

    OOo yay! Glad you loved it! Makes me so anxious to start mine in July!!
    Ill take the bag of chips too=)

  7. Bea says:

    Your acupuncturist gave you chips? What about the preservatives and artificial flavours??

    Uh, seriously – sounds like you’re getting things moving, which is good. July gets closer and closer.


  8. Sticky Bun says:

    That’s great! I really think I might have to move on to acupuncture…it sounds great on so many levels.

  9. Baby Blues says:

    Love it! I hope accupuncture does it for us! It does have a soothing effect on me too.

  10. Tam says:

    Glad that you have found something that takes you to a good place. Truly praying that this helps with your journey to “mommy-hood”!!

    Those forms are quite something aren’t they. It’s good tho because they know so much before even starting your case.

    Hugs Mands xxx

  11. Matthew M. F. Miller says:

    Acupuncture rocks, and I’m glad it worked its charms on you.

  12. Amy says:

    Good luck on your IVF journey! We are begining our last try for awhile next week. I’ll cross my fingers and toes for you. πŸ™‚

  13. Karen says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you during this cycle and send a few hugs and kisses to you down the N1 South πŸ™‚ Did you know that you’re the IF blogger closest to me? (well that I know of!) Take care of yourself! πŸ™‚

  14. Leah says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, it makes me feel good to know I am not alone. πŸ™‚

  15. Debbie says:

    Wow, your Dr has an awesome name! I know I’m such a dork.

    Sorry I have been MIA but I’m back. I needed a little break from the IF world. We are still on a kind of sort of break.

    Just wanted to say Hi and give you a ((hug))


  16. Pamela Jeanne says:

    Acupuncture rocks! Thanks for the comment today … the short answer to your question is that it’s a long and complicated story, so I’m working hard to come to terms with being child free. Wishing you well with your upcoming IVF!

  17. Vanessa says:

    Hi Mands

    Good luck with IVF. I also have my first appointment with Vitalab on 23 July and was looking for an acupuncturist. Can you please e-mail me her details (vgovender@jnb.fasken.com). Thanks.

    Take care.


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