Holding my breath ’til Indepence Day

Hey everybody! It’s your long lost blogger friend – me! Hello? Anyone out there? I know, I am terrible (Muriel) but I am just soooooooooooooooooo busy. You wouldn’t believe it. But try. Please?

I have phoned Vita.lab on Monday to make my first IVF appointment, and they can only see me on the 4th of July! Crazy huh!? So I have asked them to put me onto a cancellation list.

It wouldn’t be terrible, because it would give the Hoff and me some time to whip ourselves back into shape. (But I am ready now dammit! ) I have ordered him back onto his various pills and potions and threatened to send him to the dietician. (heehee that always seems to work!) We have made a deal. At the end of every week, I will dress in white and carry a clipboard, and make him weigh himself, and he will have to pay me – I will be the acting dietician! Don’t know if that plan will work, we’ll see.

Anyway, so they (Vitalab, of course – keep up!) sent me a form to fill in for the meantime, and I swear, it’s nine pages long and is very, very in depth. (You should know, Tam!) I am surprised they have not asked for lock of hair for DNA analysis! Anyhoo, I have started gathering all our previous tests and files, so that if the clinic phones, I’ll be ready and waiting!

They must be good though, because our Tam had 16 follies, and eight of them fertilized! You go girlfriend! Please pray or rain-dance or whatever it is that you do to ensure that Tam’s transfer is a riproaring success on Friday!

The (not so) new house is undergoing a major cosmetic overhaul. The poor little hovel is busy falling down, so we have undertaken to revive it. The Hoff is busy re-painting, then we’ll do the floors hopefully (fund-willing). We will probably move in at the end of July.

The New Job is going well – very challenging, but I think we are winning. I am just thankful that I have Debs, we work so much better as a team. We are old birds now, so all this new stuff is quite frightening. 🙂

Oh, and one other thing. I went to the post office a couple of days ago to fetch my crate-load of post. I was rifling through the bills when I spotted a brightly coloured postcard…. then another… and another! I got a whole lot of postcards and cards from the Braces Bunch gals, and it made my day. Thank you so much to those who reached out across the miles. It really was wonderful. I promise to return the love real soon.

Until next month (hopefully sooner), this is Mands signing off. xx

10 thoughts on “Holding my breath ’til Indepence Day

  1. ultimatejourney says:

    Long waits to see the doctor are such a pain! I hope someone cancels so you can go in very soon.

    Good luck with the house and job stuff! You’re off to a great start!

  2. Bea says:

    You’re back!

    Damn having to wait another month. Hopefully that’ll be your last ever wait, though.


  3. Samantha says:

    It sounds like you’ll have plenty to keep you busy, even if you can’t get into the clinic before July 4. Still, I’ll hope for a cancellation for you.

  4. Chanti says:

    Hey Mands,
    Holding thumbs for a cancellation. While reading your post I realized that I wanted to make an apointment with Vitalab myself. Since we need to go and find out what the whole procedure will be to do the actual implant for the IVF cycle in September and guess what, I have an appointment with them on the 6th of July. Seems that we may be doing this together of a sort.

  5. Sarah says:

    you’re getting there!! good luck with any cancellations, but sounds like a month will fly by as busy as you are!

  6. Reproductive Jeans says:

    I was JUST thinking about you this morning…so glad to “see” you=) Glad you have gotten some great BB mail! Thinking of you!

  7. Sticky Bun says:

    Great to hear from you! Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy, and that you’re getting closer to the next big step! I hope a cancellation comes through and that either way the time flies by!

  8. Baby Blues says:

    So nice to hear from you! You’ve been missed Mands!
    But busy is good. It keeps our mind off this roller coaster until we have to cycle. Looking forward to hear about your IVF. It seems everything is falling into place. A new house and hopefully a new baby to go with it. 🙂

  9. Cibele says:

    Nice to hear from you again. All the best with your upcoming IVF cycle!!!

  10. Tam says:

    Hey Mands, we have missed you!!

    Yeah, Vitalab are really busy but you definately can’t go wrong with them, you’ll see…much better than Medfem.

    Glad you keeping busy, it’s good and really does help the soul. It wont be long and you’ll be busy with IVF. It’s good that the break has done you good!

    Yeah, coffee on Sat sounds good, will sms you…

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