Just wanted to say hi-deee-ho to everyone in the blogosphere! I have not left, I have just been supremely busy at work , and don’t have access to the net at home anymore. (Excuses excuses, I hear you say!)

A quick update:

1. The offer on the house was accepted! All we need to do now is secure a bond, and then figure out how to pay for it! I am very excited, but quite nervous at the same time. It will be great to own our own place again, but because we have chosen a more upmarket area, we have had to sacrifice on space, and also, the place will need a lot of work. BUT! It will belong to us. That is the main thing. Wish us lots of luck with that…

2. The break is going well. I have bought myself some Rescue to help with the tearfulness I have been experiencing. I have just put it down to my hormones going back to normal after the IUI’s. The Hoff and I are doing well, and he is being very supportive, which I guess is easier now that the pressure is off. It has been really fantastic to sit on the outside edge of infertility and look in without being so affected by it. I will be getting in touch with Vita.lab soon to find out when to start BCP’s for my cycle at the end of May. I have decided to go to Vita.lab, for various reasons, which is not the clinic I was at originally. I am feeling very comfortable and happy with this decision. Also, we will be bonding the costs for the IVF, so that is one other thing I don’t have to worry about anymore. It is quite funny that if it works, my kid will be 20 before his or her conception is paid up on full. The lengths we go to, right?

3. My baby brother and his lovely dutch wife welcomed their baby girl , Mischa, into the world on Friday 20th April 2007. I wish them all the happiness in the world, and I know they will be wonderful parents. Well done you two! They are not of the IF persuasion, but they are both so lovely, I just can’t be anything but happy for them. Mom and baby are doing fairly well (besides a few complications) and finally went home after a few days at the hospital. I have seen pics, and she is gorgeous, and I only cried once when my baby brother said to me on the phone “Mands, she is so beautiful.” There I go again – gets me every time I think about it.

The other thing I want to mention is that I watched Children of Men last night.
Personally, I thought it was a metaphor for how life sometimes feels to an infertile: cold, hopeless, desolate. As the movie so graphically portrayed, a world without children is a very dark and unpleasant place to be, and for many of us that is our reality. It is food for thought. Infertility is a growing problem. Will we live in a world one day where natural conception and children are a miracle and a luxury, a rare occurrence even? Is it already that way?
Many families are having less children due to the expense, or opting for a life without children in favour of careers and other opportunities. Marriage is not a necessity in this day and age, so many 30 and 40 somethings are finding themselves single and childless. On top of all of that, people who really want children, are suddenly finding that they simply cannot, for various reasons, or by the time they are “ready”, they are too old and the risks and complications are too high. PCOS, endometriosis, poor sperm counts and quality due to stress, depression, anxiety, work pressures, lack of essential minerals due to soil leeching from over-farming, hormones in meat and milk, plastic wrapping on food, sedentary lifestyles, STD’s….. the list is endless.
The movie may have been a touch of the bizarre, but there was some real cause for concern there. I know that a couple of you were discussing this movie a little while ago, and I would really appreciate it if you could maybe e-mail me your posts on the topic. I am very interested to hear what everyone thought. (My e-mail address is available on my profile.)