Boo hoo hoo

There is not much to report this side.

Besides having really, really sore bbs, and getting fatter by the nano-second, I am my usual symptom-free self. (I know the sore bbs could be from the injections, even though I like to kid myself that it’s because I might be pregnant). How the hell would I know? I never have been pregnant. Boo hoo hoo. Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself.
I am getting increasingly nervous as another 2ww draws to a close. Okay, I still have 5 more days until it’s officially over, but I keep thinking that, surely I would have felt something by now? A tweak? A twinge? Anything?

I have just read an article about a single woman who fell pregnant with her 1st IUI, using donor sperm – with twins! By 11dpo she had a positive HPT, albeit it a very faint one. She now has two beautiful little girls. I am already on 9dpo, and not a sausage. Man, I really hate all this waiting around. It feels like a Lotto draw, and I’m never the lucky millionaire. I know I shouldn’t mope. There are others in a much worse position than me.

On the upside Baby Blues has just started her 2ww. Pop over and give her some support. She received my book, so at least that should keep her busy for a while. Bea is hanging in there with her early pregnancy. She could use an encouraging word as well, I’m sure.


I’ll be okay. I promise. It’s a passing phase.


11 thoughts on “Boo hoo hoo

  1. Baby Blues says:

    Thanks Mands. It’s going to be a long wait. The 2ww seems to slow time!

    I’m really praying this would be the one for you. Hang in there, just a few days to go. I really want this for you. I’m just here, waiting with you.

  2. Bea says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. This is the killer end of your 2ww. Hopefully that sore breastedness means something. I’d try not to obsess too much about lack of signs otherwise. (I don’t know if I introduced myself properly before – I’m pot?)

    Fingers crossed.


  3. serenity says:

    The last couple days of the 2ww is its own special hell, no?


    Hang in there. Almost there.

    Fingers crossed here too…

  4. Samantha says:

    I think it’s usually too early for any serious symptoms to start during the tww. Nothing but our overactive imagination to keep us occupied… It will be over soon.

  5. Sarah says:

    yep, we all know the feeling. at least you’ve got a weekend in there, hopefully you get to do lots of fun stuff to pass the wait…

  6. Tam says:

    Shame Mands, I’m praying that the lack of symptoms isn’t anything to go by. Try and stay positive…I think I am also pot, it’s hard but we keep hoping that there will be a happy ending for all of us soon. Hugs my special friend xxx

  7. The Town Criers says:

    I am so freakin’ pot that I have a datebook where I write down how I’m feeling every freakin’ cycle. But I do think that some of those early symptoms are exactly the same for a period as they are for a pregnancy. Therefore, you never know. I’m hoping that this 2ww yields happy news at its end.

  8. Mands says:

    Well, pleased to meet all you pots. I’m kettle, and I have also done a datebook this cycle. If thats not totally jinxy, then I don’t know! Thanks for the kind words… *Group Hug*

  9. Sticky Bun says:

    Hang in there! I find the last 4-5 days of the 2ww to be the worst for some reason. I really, really hope the wait is well worth it this month!

    And, I get down in the same way with stories like that. It’s SO hard not to think, “Why not me?!?” Hang in there!

  10. Tam says:

    Hey Chicken, you still around…not much longer now. How you feeling??

  11. theoneliner says:

    ewww, we’re in the 2ww together. i have no symptoms. and we start our first iui next month so i’m exactly counting on it.

    the two times i have been pg…i only really had symptoms at about 15 dpo. So, you never know.

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