iPod Shuffle IF Game

Went over to Sarah’s and checked out her Infertility Song Shuffle. Even if you are not tearing your hair out in your 2ww, this one is definitely worth a go. Let me explain: you have a list of questions relating to IF. You have your iPod on and set to shuffle. Then you go through the shuffled play list, and each new (random) song is the answer to the next IF question. So without further ado, I present my IF Shuffle.

1. The song for the “you” that existed before you ever thought about your fertility:
Blue Monday – New Order

2. Would you really want to go back and be that person again?
You could be happy – Snow Patrol
(I take it that’s a YES!)

3. The song for when you first started fertility treatments:
They can’t take that away from me – Robbie Williams
(I assume he is talking about the thousands of rands that they have taken away from me – boy was I ever wrong!)

4. What did infertility do to your sex life?
Famous last words – My Chemical Romance
(Need I say more?)

5. What about superstitions and fertility rituals?
Wild Horses! – Gino Vanelli
(I ride them whilst doing IF chants and sprinkling baby dust!!)

6. How about “alternative” treatments, from cough syrup and pineapple to acupuncture and ‘body workers’?
Summer Skin – Death Cab for Cutie
(Skin – body workers – I sense a connection here)

7. How do you feel about coming out of the IF closet?
Op die Voetpad – Chris Chameleon
(This is Afrikaans for “On the Footpath” – the one that leads out of the closet?)

8. Your song for other people’s baby showers:
Kiss you off – Scissor Sisters
(Totally appropriate)

9. What about our scary friend hope?
Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit
(Is that where she’s been hiding?)

10. And lastly, the theme song of your fertility journey:
Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx
(Enough Said)

Go on give it a bash – it’s a lot of fun and takes the mind off! And as Sarah pointed out, this game can be played again and again! It also gives us a little insight into our fellow-bloggers‘ music tastes! ๐Ÿ™‚

IUI Update: Went for 2nd insemination yesterday. Yesterday morning was a comedy of errors, (not going to elaborate) and by the time I got to the doc’s rooms I was feeling quite tense. Needless to say, my suspicions of yesterday’s easy-peasey-japanesey insemination were well founded. Today I am swollen and uncomfortable. I still got my blanky and cuppa, so it wasn’t that bad. And my half hour lie-in. I still *heart* my BFG, and all is well in the Secret Garden. Now we wait.

8 thoughts on “iPod Shuffle IF Game

  1. Sticky Bun says:

    So funny! I love the last one (and not just becuase you have Richard Marx on your iTunes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad you’re done with the second IUI, but sorry it wasn’t quite as smooth as yesterday. Wishing you a short (but effective!) 2ww!

  2. Mands says:

    Hey hey now! Every one has to surely have Richard Marx on their iPods! Yes, I have George Michael, A-Ha, Crowded House and… wait for it… Def Leppard to name a few!

  3. Sarah says:

    umm, no, i do NOT have any richard marx. def leopard, yes. maybe your IUI theme song should be “pour some sugar [through my cervix]!” sorry, is that gross?

    good luck with the waiting, and i hope you start feeling more comfy soon.

  4. Baby Blues says:

    You’d be surprised with what people put in their ipods! Sorry Mands, no Richard Marx in mine.

    When the song just didn’t make sense I had to choose random again. I skipped the Classicals, Chill Out and Techno. It was fun! I realized I had songs that I already forgot I had.

    Good luck on your wait. Preoccupy yourself and get busy. I’ll be checking on you often.

  5. Sticky Bun says:

    No judgment on Richard Marx…I did have Wham! afterall. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And, def leopard rocks. I also have Skid Row (18 & Life) and Tesla (Love Song) on mine. I was going through 80s hair band nostalgia a few weeks back. I blame the hormones… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mands says:

    Hahahaha! Actually Sarah, if you’ve read a couple of IF blogs, nothing shocks anymore! Not even pouring sugar on my cervix. And for the record, I LOVE that song. I am a real eighties and nineties chick!

  7. Baby Blues says:

    I got it! I got the book! Thanks Mands! I can’t wait to start reading it. Perfect for my 2ww during the Holy Week. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’re doing well on your two week wait. Hang in there.

  8. serenity says:

    I like this, Mands – Can I steal this idea and post it on my blog while I’m waiting for AF to come?

    Thanks for ths support, too. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have so many people holding me up. Almost takes the sting of a cancelled IVF cycle away. ๐Ÿ™‚

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