Fair Seas, Plain Sailing

Whew! I am back in Johannesburg after my weeks’ sojourn. I really love spending time with my family, but there really is no place like home. I went to see my dear BFG today for my first insemination of IUI #3. When he came striding in wearing his sea green theatre pyjamas, with his little blue paper hat, my heart warmed, and it struck me that we actually form quite a close relationship with our docs. There was something so comforting about being back in that clinic with that doctor. Don’t get me wrong, Dr. H is all that and a bag of chips. But he’s not my BFG. My BFG is quite an intuitive man. He gave me one of his big, easy grins and inquired about my well being. I said that I was very well thank you. He sat down, scooped up the sperm wash results, and poured over them for a minute or so. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
He motioned for me to go and change. As I walked into the exam room, he smiled again, and remarked on how relaxed I looked. I felt relaxed. The type of feeling you get sitting in an old comfortable armchair.
While he got busy with the speculum, we chatted about the lifespan of an egg after ovulation, and his other patient who went to start her IVF treatment after her 4th IUI, and found out that she was indeed PG, so did not, in fact, need IVF after all. Chatter chatter chatter.
Then he sat down next to me and continued to waffle about this and that. After a while he bade me goodbye, and the receptionist came in with a blankie and a cuppa tea. Lovely. The whole thing went very smoothly, and the ute felt absolutely fine afterwards. No irritable uterus, aggro cervix, or anything of that nature. My body co-operated for once, and it was plain sailing. (Isn’t it weird how we worry when things go too smoothly though? – there must be something wrong – I am still waiting for the catch – how terribly cynical and IF-ish of me!)
After the obligatory half an hour lie-down, I went back to work. When I got there I gave Debs a great big bear hug. (Missed her stacks) We had coffee and caught up on all the news. Oh, BTW, news just in: Tertia Albertyn is pregnant. Naturally, no less. Who’da thunk it?
So here I am back in that same old familiar place: the two week wait. Good times. Good times…

Note: I am starting a suggestion list of things to do whilst 2ww’ing – I am fresh out of ideas! You may send all suggestions to this post, and I will publish them for all the other 2ww’ers out there who are at an equal loss of anything useful to do!


15 thoughts on “Fair Seas, Plain Sailing

  1. Debbie says:

    2ww ideas, hmmmmmm… I don’t have any tricks. I always make sure I had a facial or a massage (or both??) during that time.

    I’m still in your corner routing for you ~Deb

  2. Bumble says:

    That sounds like a wonderful relaxing IUI, just how they should be. And your BFG warms the cockles of my heart. At my IUI’s it was wham, bam, thankyou ma’am, and out the door. No lying down afterwards, no blankie, and no damn cuppa tea. Damn. I was robbed! Hope this is the one Mands. x

  3. Baby Blues says:

    Head over Sarah’s, she’s also in the 2ww, doing some shuffling. πŸ™‚

    After all she went through, Tertia gets pregnant naturally, wow! Amazing.

    I’m glad the IUI went smoothly. BFG seems like a very kind hearted doctor! It makes the experience more pleasant. Good luck on your 2ww!

  4. Venusuvian Debs says:

    You can take your best friend window shopping seen as we are both broke and what about a nice cuppa and maybe a steaming hot (Cinnabon) cinnamon bun with creamy, melting icing? Sound good? Thought so too!

  5. Baby Blues says:

    Mands I just got a claim notice for a parcel in the local post office. It must be your book! Yipee! I’ll have my messenger get it tomorrow. I’ll let you know when I have it.

  6. Tam says:

    Hey there, glad that you are back in good old gauteng…wow, your IUI experience sounds really nice, i don’t get a cuppa either or a friggin blanky so I freeze my ass off!! They tell me to lie down for 10 minutes, i’m worried now…is that not enough? Maybe I should do a cycle with your doc??? I’m lucky if I get my doc most times as there are 4 doctors so it’s the luck of the draw and let’s just say that they are not all as gentle and my poor ute and irritable cervix complains for a while afterwards. So another one tomorrow eh?? Good Luck Chicken, I have a really good feeling about this one πŸ™‚

  7. Tam says:

    Ooops, sorry this was already the second one…welcome to the 2ww! Can’t believe the tertia is pregnant – Natrually at that!! Friggin hell, miracles do happen.

  8. Sticky Bun says:

    Echoing Tam, I don’t get tea or a blanket after my IUI either. And, they say to lie down for 5 minutes…hmmmm….

    But, I’m really glad yours went well! Let’s hope in 2 weeks we both have good news. πŸ™‚

    And, as for passing the time, other than playing Sarah’s shuffle game, and joining two NCAA basketball tournament pools, I’m out of ideas. πŸ™‚

    all the best for a quick wait and two lines at the end!

  9. Sarah says:

    can you BELIEVE tertia’s news?!! so crazy!! i was in tears when i read it, it’s just so incredible. i couldn’t be happier.

    well apparently my 2ww shuffle game is a hit, but my other ideas so far–not so much. thought it would be a fun distraction to get a pedicure the other day: girl next to me was about to burst and the whole place talked about her pg the entire time. of course i was asked if i have kids, why not, etc. then yesterday decided it would be a good distraction to get my hair done. first thing when i sit down, my stylist shows me her u/s pic. there seems to be no escaping the 2ww!

  10. Reproductive Jeans says:

    Wow! I hope my first IUI is as pleasant as your experience! Sounds very relaxing-and its great to have a nice doc!
    Question for you–I am not using Chlomid this cycle, and I am getting nervous that I wont read my OPK test right when the time comes–I am being paranoid!! How many times a day do you test with OPK around that time? Thanks for ANY help=)

  11. Mands says:

    My doc is into the whole relaxation thing. I guess he thinks that if I have nice long lie down, it will relax me and improve my chances. I am not required to do OPK’s, around CD 10 – 12 I go for a wanding, and with this cycle I had a blood test on CD 12 to determine when my LH surge had started, (it had) which signals the start of ovulation. Based on that the IUI is done roughly 36 hours later. And then another IUI the following day for improved chances. Thats my protocol. Not sure how the clomid does or does not affect OPK’s… anyone else got the answer to that one?

  12. Tam says:

    Oh so they don’t trigger O then? I get a trigger when my follies reach 18mm so there’s no guessing, IUI follows on the next day and the next…

    Hate OPK’s – could never get them right, mine just got darker the closer O got and as you can see…no bub yet! Roll on IUI’s!! I like the no guessing part.

  13. Mands says:

    Sorry forgot to mention that they do trigger, even though I had already got LH surge. My trigger was midnight on Monday night (Ovidrel – it’s wonderful because is subcutaneous)
    With my previous 2 IUI’s there was no blood test, they also just waited until my follies were 1.8 or so, and then triggered.

  14. Mands says:

    Ovidrel is also cheap – a third of the price of Pregnyl.

  15. Bea says:

    Roll on the next two weeks…


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