It’s The Weeke-e-e-e-e-nd Baby!

Not a moment too soon, either! This week has dragged on for, like, eons! Luckily there are loads of good blogs to while away the afternoon. I think I need a cup of tea…. just a sec…

There! That’s better! Now I can think straight. After a week from hell on Clo.mid and Oestrogen(I really pity all the IVF’ers on the injections), I need a break. I fired a couple of my customers, argued politics with Debs, almost bit DH’s head right off last night for being half an hour late last night…. (half an hour for goodness’ sake!) I’m losing it I tell ya! Friday could not have come sooner. I just want to get back to my normal, calm, happy-go-lucky self. Then on Monday it’s back to Giant Country to visit my BFG. (CD 12 scan, Pregnyl) Wish me luck.

On a slightly sadder note:

I am so sorry to hear of Steph’s BFN – it’s the thing we all fear the most. When I read Steph’s short, heartbreaking post this morning, all the familiar feelings came flooding back. We do feel each others’ pain. I also remembered how much better I felt, though, when the comments started coming in. All the encouraging words, the sincere and heartfelt comments were like a mother who scoops her wounded child into her arms and coo’s “There there, little one. It will be alright.”

The child is still wounded, but the comfort of it’s mothers words bring about a sense of healing. Days pass, the wounds begin to heal, and hope flickers into life again. Steph, it will be alright. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but very, very soon. And when you have the strength to get up and try again, we will be right alongside you.

As my Debs said to me in my darkest hour, “Today we allow our hearts to break. Tomorrow, we do whatever we can to make things right.”


7 thoughts on “It’s The Weeke-e-e-e-e-nd Baby!

  1. Venusuvian Debs says:

    Very wise friend – your Debs 🙂 Nice pic, feel very calm and collected after gazing at that for a few mins.

  2. Baby Blues says:

    Well said Mands.

    I would love for you to start Tertia’s book travelling. I’ve been wanting to read it but it hasn’t reached our shores yet. Maybe we should have it travelling in this part of the globe.

  3. Mands says:

    Well let’s get this show on the road, so to speak! Just tell me where, and I’ll start packing it!

  4. carrie says:

    I think that’s what makes it all somewhat bearable – that we know there are other people out there who know how we feel, who have been through it before, who know exactly the right words to say. It makes the whole experience less isolating.

  5. Bumble says:

    Thats a beautiful post Mands. I’ll remember what Debs said in my darkest hours. And what you wrote for Steph made me cry, it’s lovely.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Mands. Your words are medicine to my wounds. I know each day will get better and we will try again.

  7. Mands says:

    Who knew this would become so personal for each of us? Friends in far flung places… Steph, glad to have helped, even just a teeny tiny bit. Holding thumbs for the next round and sending bus loads of positive thoughts your way.

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