The Big Friendly Giant

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the children’s book “The B.F.G.” by Roald Dahl. The storyline goes something like this (quoted from “When orphan Sophie is snatched from her bed by a Giant, she fears that he’s going to eat her. But although he carries her far away to Giant Country, the Giant has no intention of harming her. As he explains, in his unique way of talking, “I is the only nice and jumbly Giant in Giant Country! I is THE BIG FRIENDLY GIANT! I is the BFG.” The BFG tells Sophie how he mixes up dreams to blow through a trumpet into the rooms of sleeping children. But soon, all the BFG’s powers are put to the test as he and Sophie battle to stop the other Giants from tucking into the children of the world.”
This book has always been one of my favourites, and it came to mind the other day when I was posting about my Doc (my BFG). The thing is, I have a lot more in common with the story than I had previously imagined. I could be Sophie (Mands), getting whisked away to Giant Country (Fertility Treatment) by my Doc (The Big Friendly Giant). I am terrified, but my BFG assures me that he is a good Giant and will not harm me. He mixes up dreams (concocting good sperm in a test tube) and blows it through a trumpet (IUI) into the rooms of sleeping children (hopeful mommies-to-be). But soon all the BFG’s powers (IF Treatments) are put to the test as he and Sophie (Mands) battle to stop other Giants (BFN’s, Baby Monsters, Aunt Flo’s) from tucking into the children (hopeful parents-to-be) of the world. It’s a classic, and it really does parallel with what we are going through. We are fighting the odds in a foreign place that none of the Grown-ups (Fertiles) are very familiar with. Not many people know the hidden dangers and pitfalls we face every day in this scarey World of Giants we call Infertlity. Isn’t it marvellous to know that we have our dreams to fall back on, and our very own BFG’s to help us through it? My Doc is not the only Big Friendly Giant in my life either… my DH, my best friend Debs, my mom, my gran, and other family members and friends who are supporting me through this. All of you who regularly pop by to check on me. You are all B.F.G.’s in my book.
Who is your B.F.G.?


5 thoughts on “The Big Friendly Giant

  1. Bumble says:

    Hey Mands, thats a lovely post! Funny how the story can relate back to our own lives huh? I guess my main BFG is my darling hubby. I suppose my doctor too, although he has yet to face the real test of my IVF treatment. I’ll really get to rate him then. And I’d say my net friends maybe more than my most of my real life ones (not all), who have their own kids. Even though I know they do care, I find it hard to talk to them (like I guess I feel they don’t really understand what Im really going thru as they’ve never had to face IF). I guess in a massive way, I actually feel very alone in this. Phew, that turned into a long schpiel huh… and I could still go on…but I won’t! Sorry!

    Oh, thanks for the link, I’m glad you enjoyed the post, I’ll refer to it myself often when I need a pickup.

  2. Mands says:

    It is a lonely path, even though there are others in the same position. Finding all of you on the net has helped me a lot too though. What embroidery software do you use BTW? Will you ever come back to SA, and where else have you lived? (A bit off the topic, but I have been curious about you!)

  3. Baby Blues says:

    Mr. Kite’s my Big Friendly (Huggable, Supportive, Lovable, Amazingly Kind and Generous) Giant. 🙂
    Of course you guys are the Big Friendly Giant helpers!

    I love the post! Great analogy.

  4. Bumble says:

    Hey Mands,I use Wilcom ES – it’s an older version and I should probably update it, but so far its been fine for me. My machine is a Tajima. Do you work for yourself doing it or just digitize? My step-mom send me the machine last June to start working from home and its going okay so far. I taught myself the program and it gets frustrating sometimes but its getting better. I love living in Aus, so I wont come back there to live but my family still all lives there so it’ll be for visits etc. Last time was in Feb last year. I’ve lived in the UK for 3 years as well while backpacking. We should swap e-mail addresses maybe?

  5. Mands says:

    Sounds like a plan… if you look under my profile, you will see my msn contact details.

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