Good times..

Apparently we are only ten people away from knowing everyone on earth. Don’t ask where this theory comes from, but I kinda believe it.
You know what it’s like, you bump into so and so, who happens to know so and so, and his brother’s girlfriends stepmother is somehow linked to you, and a really famous person, or someone you knew from way back?
Well, that happened to me yesterday. I am sitting in the Doc’s rooms, waiting for my CD5 scan, when a pretty young blond comes flitting in. I have seen her there before, and heard via the grapevine that she was engaged to the Doc. Let me put you in the picture: Doc is, I would say, roughly 50 years old – no oil painting, if you catch my drift. He reminds me a bit of the B.F.G. (Big Friendly Giant) by Roald Dahl. He’s a gentle soul, really. Pretty Blond Girl is about 29 years old. Very blond, VERY pretty, vivacious and out there. Anyhoo..
We get chatting, and it turns out that she went to the same nursery school and primary school as me, only a year below me. She also went to the same high school and dance school as my sister.
Anyway, after a couple of pleasantries, I pay my bill and leave the Doc’s rooms. As I am going into the pharmacy down the road, the phone rings, and it is PBGirl (Pretty Blond Girl). She wants to invite me around to her and the Doc’s house for a party!
Picture the scene: Me, my Dear Husband, PBGirl and Doc standing awkwardly around the punch bowl and finger snacks.
Good times, good times, making memories…. NOT!

Moving along… the reason for my visit yesterday was for my CD 5 scan. Yes, my second IUI is well underway. My ovaries are looking fab, according to Doc. He was so sweet, I was telling him how I fell to pieces last week and how disappointed I was. He smiled at me sympathetically and said ” I am also very disappointed. I really thought it would happen for you. Don’t worry, it will happen soon.” What a sweet man, my BFG. Good name actually. My BFG. We scanned for cysts, and there was not one to be found. So I am in supreme condition for IUI #2. Started on Clomid (75), and 2g’s of Estropause. Estropause is a hormone replacement therapy for women who have reached menopause. (that made me feel good about myself!) Apparently it is also widely used in Fertility Treatment to thicken uterine lining, as Clomid can thin the lining. All I can say about Clomid is: eeeeeeevil. Eeeeeevil I tell you, and it is morphing me into an eeevil shadow of my former self…. Mwahhahahahaaaaaaa!

8 thoughts on “Good times..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sweets, I know that this is not the place to e-mail each other and stuff but since I am out of town and away from my e-mail and only have access to the internet, I just wanted to tell you that I miss you very much and love you lots and lots.
    PS, why did you not tell me about the invite to the Gynae’s party. Maybe we should go – get to know the man well, he may give us a discount on the next IUI or could organise cheap IVF – you have to take your chances when they present themselves. Well there, now the whol internet knows two things about me, 1) I love you and 2) I am really very thrifty.

  2. Baby Blues says:

    Love your Hubby’s comment!

    Glad everything’s moving right along with IUI#2. Looking forward to cycling with you!

  3. Mands says:

    Only got the invite yesterday, and NO we are not going! LOL!
    Love you too! Come home!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I totally believe it is a small world and I am sure that someone out there in blog world knows my sisters ex-husband’s mother’s brother. 🙂
    Best of luck on IUI #2!!

  5. Bumble says:

    Your hubby seems like a sweety, and yes, veeeery thrifty too… Maybe he DOES have a point, but can you just imagine the scene… Its not every day you get to socialise with the stranger who’s on first name basis with your nether regions…. If you’re anything like me, I just wanna get the hell outta there after a cookie invasion in the stirrups (its the medical version of “the morning after”). But by all means, go, you MIGHT get the discounts… I’d probably do it, how sad… LOL

  6. Bea says:

    Ugh! I have subscribed to your blog and I am *not getting updates through bloglines*. Why? (If you do find out, let me know. I’ll keep looking.)


    Good luck with IUI#2. Glad all is looking good so far, glad to hear BFG is so optimistic. Sounds like you’re missing a great party!


  7. Mands says:

    Not sure why that is Bea. I have never used Bloglines – does it actually inform you when someone posts? That would be really cool.

    Having second thoughts about that party – DH has some good points!

  8. carrie says:

    hi mands, i found your blog through babyblues. i was cracking up at the invite story. i’m sure your dr. BFG would be mortified if he knew she invited you! i love our RE but thinking about going to her house for a party…

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