Dedicated to my BF

My BF has gone into hospital today to get her fibroid cut out. Apparently it’s about 3cm in diameter, and sits in the uterus, fused to the uterine wall. It’s a day procedure, general anaesthetic, and she should be up and running by tomorrow. So this post is dedicated to her. She already has one baby, a feisty little redhead, about two and a half.
She has been trying to have another baby since he popped out 2.5 years ago, with no success to speak of.
She has had fibroids removed before, and for that they did a caeser cut. Luckily today’s procedure will be done similar to the way a D&C is performed.
Nobody knows what causes fibroids, according to her doc it’s luck of the draw. If you get them once, you’ll get them again. They are benign, but I believe they can get quite big. The only problem with fibroids is that they will prevent conception, or if by some miracle you fall pregnant anyway, there is a much higher chance of miscarriage. So it’s no tea party, by all accounts.
As for me, I’m just hanging in there – off work tomorrow because my parents are coming up from Cape Town. I am really looking forward to spending time with them. It will be the second time they have stayed with us for any length pf time. I am taking Monday off as well, so you probably won’t be hearing from me until Tuesday, by which time I should be almost ready to have my blood test.


3 thoughts on “Dedicated to my BF

  1. Bea says:

    Good luck to your friend.

    Also, yes I’ve read heaps of Tertia’s blog, and noticed you have the book? Enjoy it?


  2. Mands says:

    Hey there

    I will pass your wishes onto my friend (her name is Debs) – thank you.

    Yes I enjoyed it immensely. I laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more. It made me get off my butt and do something proactive about my problem. Been infertile for 5 years now, and this is my first IUI!!! Shocking I know, but I just expected it to happen naturally. (don’t we all?) And after too much heartache and disappointment I decided to venture into the scary world of fertility treatment.

  3. Baby Blues says:

    I’m glad you’re being proactive. It’s scarry but it does increase your chances. I can’t help it, there’s a control freak inside me. And being a doctor, I just knew too much to wait for things to happen naturally. Good luck! Stay strong.

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