I am officially one week into my two week wait. And that’s all there is to it. Wait. Wait. And wait some more. Hurry up and wait.
So anyway, I’ve been getting twinges, which is supposedly quite common. Because I’m expecting something to happen, I feel every little creak and cramp. If I get the slightest little sensation down there, it’s implanting!!! It has to be!!!
So I am trying very hard to stay calm and level-headed about the whole thing. I do find myself daydreaming…..

Mands: “Hi mom. How are you?”
Mom: “Hello my love! I’m fine – any news?”
Mands: “Actually, mom, are you sitting down?”
Mands: “Mom? You there? I have some really good news…. mom???”
(Mom does not respond, having fallen off her chair in dead faint!)


Mands: “Hi sweets. Guess what?”
DH (Dear Husband): “Hello. What?”
Mands “Just got back my blood test results.”
DH: “And….?”
Mands: “Bad news I’m afraid.”
DH: “So it was negative?”
Mands: “Actually, there is no bad news. It was a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!”
DH: “WooooHoooooo!” Well done sweets, now excuse me while I go have a celebratory beer with the guys”
Mands: “Kay, Love you. Bye.”
DH: “Love you back! Bye!”

Other daydreams include taking out the compactum that BF (best friend) gave me, and filling it up with baby-smelling goodies. Sneaking off to Woolies and buying some of those fluffy white baby-gro’s. I am getting ahead of myself aren’t I? DH and I are already arguing about who’s getting up for the night feeds! It feels more real than ever, and yet, I only have a 10-20% chance of success. My conclusion: I HATE the 2ww!


3 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. Baby Blues says:

    Hi Mands! I got here through Bea. We’re actually hoping and waiting together! Don’t you just hate the suspense of it all? I’ve been daydreaming a lot too. We’ve got one week to go! So hang in there. I’ll be checking on you. You’re in my prayers.

  2. Bea says:

    Hey mands, thanks for stopping by. I left a comment in response to yours on my blog, but thought I’d let you know here, as well.

    I’m up to FET#5. Definitely won’t be changing til all the embryos are gone. (Did I say when? I meant if.) Also, SA is probably a similar flight distance to Oz. Also, we have full coverage for IVF in Oz, which is why it’s so much cheaper for us there. SA can’t compete with full coverage. Thanks for the thoughts, though, and good luck with your 2ww.


  3. Mands says:

    Hey guys! Thank you for stopping in, and for the good wishes. Baby Blues: I checked out your profile and we have a lot in common… good luck girlfriend! We all deserve to be moms and we will be blessed. And Bea, you brave brave soul. I am rooting for you from the depths of my heart. Both of you.

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