9th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary yesterday. For weeks I have been telling people that it is the 10th – so it was a bit of an anti-climax when we realised it was only 9 years. ONLY 9 YEARS!!!! Most people don’t stay married longer than 9 months these days. I think it’s bloody marvellous actually. A small miracle.
We got ready cooked food from Spar (bleeeeuaaacch!) and 2 dvd’s. That’s what 9 years does to you. What can I say, I am very content in my marriage, and whilst that is by and large a good thing – I suspect it’s also quite bad. It allows you to celebrate your 9th anniversary in front of the telly with bad cold food, instead of dining somewhere outrageously expensive or blowing the budget with a dirty weekend away.
Having said that, the money we could have possibly used for all the celebratory spending has gone elsewhere. It has disappeared into a bottomless pit I like to call the “Baby Monster”. It is a big scaley monster that eats cash at any opportunity, with the promise that the stork will fly over our house and drop off something other than bird poop. The Baby Monster is not a very honest creature. We have been feeding him for some time now, but that stork has done nothing but fly-by’s. It flew by my neighbours house, and then by my sister-in-law, and last but not least my sister. My house is the official “no fly zone.”
Anyway, my latest offering to the Baby Monster is “Artificial Insemination”. It’s a pretty straight forward procedure: scan, Clomid, scan, Pregnol, scan, insemination, blood test. I have been told that the Baby Monster on average needs about 3 AI offerings before he will send the stork around, but sometimes he is generous and he’ll free him on the first offering. I’ll keep you posted.
I am on the lowest dosage of Clomid, but I am ratty and bloated amongst other physical side effects that I won’t elaborate on. Going for a scan on friday (tomorrow), and if all is well, I get to take home the injections for Monday.
I should probably get some work done, otherwise, no money for the BM.


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